Walk Better not Faster
Immerse yourself in the streetscape. Make the most of your journey.

Curated Walks

The best way to walk around a city means that you have to know what’s along the way, the ambiance of the streetscape, and if there’s a live event going on. Our local curators help you feel the pulse of the city

Alternative Pathways

There are multiple ways to go from one location to another. Let us help you find a scenic route or the street art along the way

Countless Applications

Explore neighborhoods in an unfamiliar city, find things to do in your own city on a weekend, or finally get rid of your spreadsheet that you give all your visiting friends

City insider

Join our platform, and start mapping the streets in your own neighborhood. We’ll help you create routes for your friends or family to walk.

Mobile App

Our mobile app helps you find a perfect walking route. In the mood for a relaxing shoreline walk or historic downtown? Want to visit a museum and get a good coffee in the neighbourhood, or just check out the breweries and pubs that locals frequent? We got you covered!


Discover the recommended walking routes based on your location, weather and time of the day


Customize the curated walking routes to suit your time, mood and interests


Get directions to your first stop and use the interactive map to follow along the route


Created a perfect walk through the city? Share it with your friends!

Roam Creator

  • Contribute your favourite walking routes
  • Tailor your friends' experiences
  • Help your guests explore the city

Are you a city guru? Using our Roam Creator web app, you can easily start building your own city exploration routes in over 50 cities around the world - no training required. If you can send an email or write a blog post, you’re good to go!

Tourism Vancouver

Roam’s technology is already being tested by thousands of users with our partner, Tourism Vancouver. We launched a mobile app, still in beta, which helps visitors to the city discover interesting streets, places, and neighbourhoods. Tourism Vancouver is one of the only cities in Canada with its own mobile app.

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